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After almost 2 years of development and paper work woes the game is finally out T_T

Initial buzz around the launch is good. Hopefully that translates into sales.
We've still not been picked up by any major news sites which worries me a little.
Perhaps we should buy ads space on there to raise awareness?

Today we're heading to Play Expo as our first launch event, it would have been good to launch at EGX a couple weeks ago but alas last minute bugs held us back.

Xbox has been pretty good with video streams and blog posts given that we didn't give them much notice. We wont know what sales are like on Xbox for a couple months though >_>

Launch day was a whirlwind of last minute fixes and rushed e-mails but we managed to get it out on time. We even did a day 1 patch for Xbox lol

Anyway, here's the game, hope you like it!



I will be at the UKIE careers bar at EGX on Thursday and Sunday afternoon if any of you aspiring devs needs some advice or a chat.

We'll also be making an announcement at EGX so keep your ears/eyes peels :)


We will be exhibiting Kaiju Panic at the FACT for 2 days on 19th-20th June.

If you're in the area or catching a film drop by and say hi! We'll be on the left right by the entrance.

Also we're running a mini-workshop in the FACTLab in July if you want to learn a bit about Unity. It's aimed at beginners, no programming knowledge required!



I'm also going to be one of the judges at the Liverpool JMU game jam which I believe is open to the pubic: