We made a game for Ludum Dare 38 (Small World)

I wanted to make something with an incremental / generational aspect and the small world theme kinda lends itself to microbes and so Amoebros were born. This is the kind of game that only really comes together right at the end so I wasn’t even sure if the game was going to be any good until it was done. Hopefully someone will enjoy it 😉

The game features something like 20 different patterns and you can affect the look and colour of your creatures by selecting which ones to breed. I put in the odd wild mutation that looks totally different so players can pick a new look easier, it also shows which Amoebros express more varied traits as well.

The story is that you are a lab technician who is breeding stronger microbes for totally non-nefarious reasons.

Play it here:$25918

We are back from EGX 2016!

We decided the launch Pierhead Arcade on the same day as EGX and this was without a doubt the busiest game conventions we've ever done. There was literally no down time between demo sessions and we even had to make a point of wiping down the headset and controllers extra slowly to make sure there was enough time to recharge the controllers between sessions.

The overall expo went really well except for a few technical issues (thanks Shen for replacing the faulty lighthouse!) and having to get the cleaners to our stand twice on the last day but more on that in a bit.

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We're proud to announce that Pierhead Arcade will be releasing out of Early Access on the 22nd this month to coincide with EGX.

Drop by our stand to have a go and then buy it on the same day! :)

Get it from either Steam or Humble (steam key)


Pierhead Arcade is a VR only game.

Oculus and PSVR version will come shortly after.


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