Here are some soldiers minding their own business


When you rescue a NPC you will unlock their ID cards which you can view in-game.
We are also planning to let you help us create some NPCs for the game and support us at the same time by buying a higher tier package from the Humble Store.


Prices are TBC but we'll offer a discount to early adopters and also give them a chance to play the current build and give us feedback. Stay tuned for more info on that.


So some people have been coming out that youtube are blocking adverts on videos of their games so I thought I'd also write something about my own experience.

A few weeks ago this video was rejected for monetisation:

I tried to explain to them that we made the game and that I own the development studio but they ignored that and permanently blocked adverts on that video. Funny thing is that's not even the only video I have of Chicken Walk on my channel and those other ones are fine.

Granted it's my personal youtube account and not a company branded one but it's difficult to argue with a bot. In fact the bot/3rd party had gone ahead and blocked the video even while I was in e-mail contact with youtube support.

But for the benefit of other youtubers wanting to make videos of Chicken Walk:

I, the rights owner of Chicken Walk the game, grant the right for anyone to record videos of the game and monetise those videos.


(I would appreciate a message if you do though, always love seeing other people's reactions to the game :) )


The one thing that we wanted to add but couldn't with the vr jam entry was to add positional tracking to the pecking motion but it seems the next version of the oculus rift devkit will have this feature so expect us to take advantage of it 😉

It sounds like the rift will be using an optical solution as opposed to sixaxis STEM magnetic based tracking which will be interesting to see.