Our HTC Vive devkit arrived the other day. Really looking forward to doing some more VR experiments with the motion controllers.

htc vive devkit

There are some challenging difficulties with VR not least player locomotion. We've already seen lots of different methods from typical game pad walking to blink teleporting none of which really meet our requirements for comfort and immersion.

We've got a couple ideas for different locomotion methods which we'll be posting up on here as we go. For the moment we're just enjoying all the VR content that other developers have posted on SteamVR :)

The PC and Xbox One versions of Kaiju Panic have been updated with bug fixes and balance tweaks to address lots of the feedback we've been having.
We've also had someone from the community add Polish localisation which is great!

The changes should make the early stages less of a grind so yo can get into the meat of the game sooner and also allows access to the blob gun sooner as it's mentioned on one of the boss cards. Technically it's not necessary to use the weapon on the card to defeat a Kaiju but you spoke and we listened.

The other big change was the addition of a menu option to be able to view Kaiju Paths. The game isn't really a tower defence game but a lot of people see it that way and are uncomfortable with the lack of knowledge about where the Kaiju will go. This is the intended design but we added the option in there if it really bothers you.

To turn on this option go to the options menu and tick the "show paths" box and then when a warning icon appears you'll see a line that indicates the proximate path. You can also press Tab or LB on a controller to view the path again.

Lots more content still to come so keep your eyes peeled for endless daily challenge mode and local co-op multiplayer!

After almost 2 years of development and paper work woes the game is finally out T_T

Initial buzz around the launch is good. Hopefully that translates into sales.
We've still not been picked up by any major news sites which worries me a little.
Perhaps we should buy ads space on there to raise awareness?

Today we're heading to Play Expo as our first launch event, it would have been good to launch at EGX a couple weeks ago but alas last minute bugs held us back.

Xbox has been pretty good with video streams and blog posts given that we didn't give them much notice. We wont know what sales are like on Xbox for a couple months though >_>

Launch day was a whirlwind of last minute fixes and rushed e-mails but we managed to get it out on time. We even did a day 1 patch for Xbox lol

Anyway, here's the game, hope you like it!


I will be at the UKIE careers bar at EGX on Thursday and Sunday afternoon if any of you aspiring devs needs some advice or a chat.

We'll also be making an announcement at EGX so keep your ears/eyes peels :)