Accessibility Jam

We're hosting a free venue for #AccessibilityJam in Liverpool so drop by and show off what you've made.

The office isn't open on weekends so I've booked a room for Friday 30th May 

Derby Room
1, Old Hall Street
L3 9HG

Time: 9am-6:30pm

Bring a laptop and whatever else you'll need to jam. We'll provide tables, chairs, power sockets etc. At the end of the day just show off what you've made.

If people want to meet up over the weekend as well we can probably meet up in a cafe or maybe Waterstones. Post a comment if you're interested.


Accessibility Jam

Accessibility is an important issue for us and we're pleased to be participating in the upcoming accessibility jam. Even including simple options like button remapping can open up the game to a wider audience.

Special Effect have kindly lent us a MyGaze to test with which is an eye tracking device for hands free input. :)

(Don't worry, we've not forgotten about Kaiju Panic)

I met the people from when I stopped by their stall at EGX Rezzed, accessibility has always been important to us in terms of game design so I was intrigued by their eye tracking car game made by Codemasters, SOAP. I was also impressed by their charity work with disabled gamers and asked if there was anything we could do to help.

We had a chat recently and it dawned on me that you could play Kaiju Panic entirely with the mouse if you wanted. With a few small changes to include linger and blink controls we could allow a whole new group of gamers play our game. This would likely be an optional control scheme in the full release or a modified version specifically for eye tracking. Most eye tracking hardware can control mouse movement so you wouldn't need any specific device or you could even use a mouse if you felt it made the game easier to control.

If there are any other accessibility concerns or suggestions please feel free to contact me about them!