We made a game for Ludum Dare 38 (Small World)

I wanted to make something with an incremental / generational aspect and the small world theme kinda lends itself to microbes and so Amoebros were born. This is the kind of game that only really comes together right at the end so I wasn’t even sure if the game was going to be any good until it was done. Hopefully someone will enjoy it 😉

The game features something like 20 different patterns and you can affect the look and colour of your creatures by selecting which ones to breed. I put in the odd wild mutation that looks totally different so players can pick a new look easier, it also shows which Amoebros express more varied traits as well.

The story is that you are a lab technician who is breeding stronger microbes for totally non-nefarious reasons.

Play it here:$25918

Right Click To Hack

We've returned from beautiful Belgrade with an arm full of awards and we're totally shattered.

We won the Technical award and 2nd overall prizes, go here for photos, videos and to download the jam games:

Everyone at Nordeus and Belgrade were super friendly and helpful. We're super glad that we get invited to attend despite the difficulties caused by bad weather.

Read about the trip after the break

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Oculus' Mobile VR Jam 2015

We are still buzzing from completing the Oculus VR Jam and getting selected as finalists so even though I don't normally write project retrospectives the Oculus community has been so positive that I feel like giving something back (however small).

We're very grateful of Oculus and Unity for hosting this game jam and for all the effort they are going to for judging the entries and we're also very pleased and humbled to have been selected as a finalist.

But first of all a small gripe:  Not every game that we thought were amazing made it to the finals and some rather dubious entries did. This maybe be due to the fact that the finalist were selected purely based on descriptions and videos and that each entry was reviewed by (at least) 3 random judges (which might lead to score skewing). This method makes sense due to the sheer volume of entries but is less than ideal for all the hard working innovative devs who didn't get selected.

You might think being up against a weaker selection of games would give us a better chance at a prize but we'd much rather see all the truly innovative games get the exposure of being a finalist.

Anyway, usually post-mortems follow the 5 wrongs and 5 rights format so without further-ado:

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Razer showing off their OSVR to punters at CES using our game:image1



It's great how much people are loving ElementL. It might be due to it's simplicity and fluidity, people just get it once they figure out the basic controls. That and it feels great to be chucking fire balls from your own hands! We'll probably pick this back up after Kaiju Panic.


More details of the OSVR here:

Get the game here:

Leap Motion:

Found a couple videos of people playing ElementL on youtube.
They are all fantastic, I especially like the one with the mother playing, virtual reality can bring the older generation into games!
Thanks to all the people making recordings, always love watching people's reactions to my games :)

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