We've launched the endless update which adds daily challenge mode to the game!

On the main menu you'll find a new button called Endless which generates a new map every day which is the same for every player so you'll be able to compete for score on the daily global leaderboards.

This mode is slightly different in that you'll have to find tech crates that randomly appear on the map which will unlock a new random tech. You'll also have to keep an eye out for survivor pods and crystal nodes that randomly appear around the map. (Tech and survivor lists are the same for each person that day).

Can you adapt to a random set of tech and survivor skills each day and get the highest score?

Any science points earned in endless mode also carries over to the story campaign which will help you unlock more tech if you're finding the current level a bit difficult.

Co-op and other modes will be added soon after this update.

Happy Holidays!

The PC and Xbox One versions of Kaiju Panic have been updated with bug fixes and balance tweaks to address lots of the feedback we've been having.
We've also had someone from the community add Polish localisation which is great!

The changes should make the early stages less of a grind so yo can get into the meat of the game sooner and also allows access to the blob gun sooner as it's mentioned on one of the boss cards. Technically it's not necessary to use the weapon on the card to defeat a Kaiju but you spoke and we listened.

The other big change was the addition of a menu option to be able to view Kaiju Paths. The game isn't really a tower defence game but a lot of people see it that way and are uncomfortable with the lack of knowledge about where the Kaiju will go. This is the intended design but we added the option in there if it really bothers you.

To turn on this option go to the options menu and tick the "show paths" box and then when a warning icon appears you'll see a line that indicates the proximate path. You can also press Tab or LB on a controller to view the path again.

Lots more content still to come so keep your eyes peeled for endless daily challenge mode and local co-op multiplayer!