We're currently 51% of the way up the Steam Greenlight listing which is great. This is how the votes graph looks like:

Steam GraphAs you can see we had a massive surge at the start with 1000 votes in the first day but now that we've dropped off the front page on the new greenlights list, votes have slowed down. We get the occasional bump from social media but we've not had any press coverage from gaming sites so we've not had any big spikes. Hopefully when we release the alpha we'll get another surge.


Not 12 hours in and we're already 7% of the way through greenlight!

Please help us keep the momentum going, tweet it, post on forums, rave about the game to your friends/family/strangers!

We're making some usability changes to the game to get it ready to play so pre-order customers should have something on their humble store pages soon. :)


We're planning to launch the greenlight campaign at the end of the month, please spread the word and support us so we can build up good momentum on the campaign straight out of the gate!

We're also releasing alpha builds to all the pre-orders, rather than wait for a beta version we thought that we'd benefit from more people playing and testing the game.

If you'd rather play a more complete version then it'd be better to wait before diving in but the option is there for those who like to get in on the ground floor.