I met the people from http://www.specialeffect.org.uk/ when I stopped by their stall at EGX Rezzed, accessibility has always been important to us in terms of game design so I was intrigued by their eye tracking car game made by Codemasters, SOAP. I was also impressed by their charity work with disabled gamers and asked if there was anything we could do to help.

We had a chat recently and it dawned on me that you could play Kaiju Panic entirely with the mouse if you wanted. With a few small changes to include linger and blink controls we could allow a whole new group of gamers play our game. This would likely be an optional control scheme in the full release or a modified version specifically for eye tracking. Most eye tracking hardware can control mouse movement so you wouldn't need any specific device or you could even use a mouse if you felt it made the game easier to control.

If there are any other accessibility concerns or suggestions please feel free to contact me about them!

I've been to gaming conventions before but this was the first time I'd attended as an exhibitor and it was a great experience... tiring but great!

I'm not going to write a huge long blog post because I didn't get to go round much of Rezzed but I did manage to play some Aliens and Titan Fall and some of the indie games. The range of games this year was bigger than ever and it's good to see that Rezzed was still about the indies even though they included consoles this year.

Gang Beasts were just opposite us and their stand was constantly packed the entire time but I chatted with the devs and hugged their plushy meat (got to get one of those). We had over 120 people play the game over the 3 days which is around half of our theoretical maximum based on 5 minute sessions. Not bad for our first game stand and given our right-in-back-corner location.

It was great seeing all the people play the game first hand, we collected loads of invaluable testing data and feedback. We've already implemented much of the suggestions and we'll be looking at the UI design again to make it more user-friendly.

We've had a number of really positive interviews, previews and reviews as well!:


Thanks to everyone who dropped by the stall and thanks for all the kind words.

We'll get back to making the game now (P.S. watch out for steam greenlight)

We have 1 computer running the game (number 12)

If you drop by we've got fliers and a questionnaire to help us collect feedback. It'll be really interesting to see people's reaction to the game first hand.

The game is progressing rapidly but it looks like we're going down to the wire on this one. We're really pushing hard to get the game ready as well as sorting out all the other preparations for Rezzed including stall decorations, posters, t-shirts, stickers and slightly less obvious things like public liability insurance...

On top of that we're part of the Liverpool Spark Up program that helps new businesses as we're woefully inexperienced in the whole running a business thing...

Sometimes I just want to sit and make games but all the boring stuff that goes on around that does need sorting out. After Rezzed we'll have some more time to knuckle down and get the beta out to pre-orders.

Speaking of pre-orders we'll be putting up a Humble Widget order page on this site in time for Rezzed!

$10 will get you a pre-order (release price $20) as well as beta access (estimated May) DRM-free.

$100 will get you a custom in-game character which will be part of everyone's game and also early alpha access (estimated April) DRM-free. Please do note that alpha means ALPHA and will be riddled with bugs and missing assets and unfinished mechanics but if you want to get in on the ground level this option might be for you.

1.0 release will be some time after beta where we'll also try to get on Steam greenlight for those of you who will only buy on Steam.

We'll also be selling art prints if that's your thing.


Here are some soldiers minding their own business


When you rescue a NPC you will unlock their ID cards which you can view in-game.
We are also planning to let you help us create some NPCs for the game and support us at the same time by buying a higher tier package from the Humble Store.


Prices are TBC but we'll offer a discount to early adopters and also give them a chance to play the current build and give us feedback. Stay tuned for more info on that.