We've launched the endless update which adds daily challenge mode to the game!

On the main menu you'll find a new button called Endless which generates a new map every day which is the same for every player so you'll be able to compete for score on the daily global leaderboards.

This mode is slightly different in that you'll have to find tech crates that randomly appear on the map which will unlock a new random tech. You'll also have to keep an eye out for survivor pods and crystal nodes that randomly appear around the map. (Tech and survivor lists are the same for each person that day).

Can you adapt to a random set of tech and survivor skills each day and get the highest score?

Any science points earned in endless mode also carries over to the story campaign which will help you unlock more tech if you're finding the current level a bit difficult.

Co-op and other modes will be added soon after this update.

Happy Holidays!

After almost 2 years of development and paper work woes the game is finally out T_T

Initial buzz around the launch is good. Hopefully that translates into sales.
We've still not been picked up by any major news sites which worries me a little.
Perhaps we should buy ads space on there to raise awareness?

Today we're heading to Play Expo as our first launch event, it would have been good to launch at EGX a couple weeks ago but alas last minute bugs held us back.

Xbox has been pretty good with video streams and blog posts given that we didn't give them much notice. We wont know what sales are like on Xbox for a couple months though >_>

Launch day was a whirlwind of last minute fixes and rushed e-mails but we managed to get it out on time. We even did a day 1 patch for Xbox lol

Anyway, here's the game, hope you like it!