I will be at the UKIE careers bar at EGX on Thursday and Sunday afternoon if any of you aspiring devs needs some advice or a chat.

We'll also be making an announcement at EGX so keep your ears/eyes peels :)

We're making a game for the Oculus Mobile Jam.
It's an asymmetrical multiplayer game where The Operator has a top down view and must guide The Runner around a maze in first person. The Runner has to reach the goal while avoiding guards and collecting clues for The Operator to analyze.

The game can only be played on 2 Gear VRs and it's best if you're in the same room so you can talk to each other.



We went to Insomnia Festival 54 this weekend to show off Kaiju Panic again.

There is a generally younger audience at Insomnia festivals (maybe cos of minecraft and youtube events?) which is slightly different from other expos which tend to have a wider age range distribution. It was good to see the reactions and feedback of the younger audience though.

By the way, if you've pre-ordered on Humble we've updated the build with the latest features including NPC supported construction and NPC carry-over between levels ready for a change in the end of zone boss battle we're preparing. 😉