We're proud to have been nominated for a prize at this year's Tokyo Game Show by one of the largest games sites in Japan. Being a non-Japanese company means it's very difficult to break into that market so this amount of exposure will be very helpful to us. We also met with loads of different people from the games industry during the 2 business days there.




Didn't get as much time to walk around the 8 halls but the general atmosphere and quality of games was breath taking. Next up is Play Expo in Manchester. See you there!



We're 41% of the way up the Steam listings now!

We had a bit of a dip when I posted the price of the game on the steam comments.

Lesson learned, when on Greenlight don't mention the price as there is a certain demographic who vote on those things and you need as many votes as you can get.

So some people have been coming out that youtube are blocking adverts on videos of their games so I thought I'd also write something about my own experience.

A few weeks ago this video was rejected for monetisation:


I tried to explain to them that we made the game and that I own the development studio but they ignored that and permanently blocked adverts on that video. Funny thing is that's not even the only video I have of Chicken Walk on my channel and those other ones are fine.

Granted it's my personal youtube account and not a company branded one but it's difficult to argue with a bot. In fact the bot/3rd party had gone ahead and blocked the video even while I was in e-mail contact with youtube support.

But for the benefit of other youtubers wanting to make videos of Chicken Walk:

I, the rights owner of Chicken Walk the game, grant the right for anyone to record videos of the game and monetise those videos.


(I would appreciate a message if you do though, always love seeing other people's reactions to the game :) )