We are back from EGX 2016!

We decided the launch Pierhead Arcade on the same day as EGX and this was without a doubt the busiest game conventions we've ever done. There was literally no down time between demo sessions and we even had to make a point of wiping down the headset and controllers extra slowly to make sure there was enough time to recharge the controllers between sessions.

The overall expo went really well except for a few technical issues (thanks Shen for replacing the faulty lighthouse!) and having to get the cleaners to our stand twice on the last day but more on that in a bit.

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We're proud to announce that Pierhead Arcade will be releasing out of Early Access on the 22nd this month to coincide with EGX.

Drop by our stand to have a go and then buy it on the same day! :)

Get it from either Steam or Humble (steam key)




Pierhead Arcade is a VR only game.

Oculus and PSVR version will come shortly after.


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Our HTC Vive devkit arrived the other day. Really looking forward to doing some more VR experiments with the motion controllers.

htc vive devkit

There are some challenging difficulties with VR not least player locomotion. We've already seen lots of different methods from typical game pad walking to blink teleporting none of which really meet our requirements for comfort and immersion.

We've got a couple ideas for different locomotion methods which we'll be posting up on here as we go. For the moment we're just enjoying all the VR content that other developers have posted on SteamVR :)