Chicken Walk


(Requires Oculus Rift)

VRJam 2013 finalists!

Play as a chicken eating corn and raising chicks while avoiding foxes.
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Gamepad and keyboard/mouse support.
Use left stick or WASD keys for movements
Right stick or mouse for rotation.
Pecking motion controlled by head tilt.
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Press any key to start the game.

Drink water and eat corn by tilting your head down over food or water to maintain your food and water meters on the upper left HUD display.

Calories eaten is displayed on the upper right HUD.

Time remaining is displayer in the upper middle. Collect stop watches to extend play time.

Eat enough corn to ready an egg, progress can be seen in the upper left egg meter.

When an egg is ready return to a chicken coop to lay the egg and hatch a chick.

The chick will follow you around and is vulnerable to being eaten by a fox. Chicks can look after themselves and don't need food or water.

When you have hatched a few chicks enter a chicken coop and peck the bank button to score points for each living chick and amount of calories eaten. The more chicks you bank at the same time the more score multiplier you will receive.

If a fox spots you you have to run to a chicken coop to hide from it.

At the end of the game enter your name by looking at the virtual keyboard and press A on the gamepad or left mouse button to type. Press submit to send your score to the server or cancel to view the leader-board without submitting.

Press R to restart.


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What do I do with the chicks?

Take them back to either chicken coop and peck the bank button to score them. Bank multiple chicks for more points.

Why did I just die?

Keep an eye on your food and water meters and also look for extra time pick-ups.

How can I get away from the fox?

Run back to the nearest chicken coop and the fox will give up chasing you.

Can I post youtube videos of your game and monetize it?

Yes. Please also include a link to this page. :)


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Download the free game jam version at Oculus Share


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