About Kaiju Panic

Kaiju Panic is a hybrid strategy - tower defence - squad control game with a bright and unique art style. Take control of a field operative in an international disaster response organisation, build, fight and rescue your way through a wide variety of colourful locations around the world.

Arts & Screenshots

Meet new and interesting monsters… then blow them up!


  • Fast paced real-time strategy game.
  • Defend cities and rescue civilians from giant monsters.
  • Call down construction modules to build defences and bunkers.
  • Play though the single player story.
  • Research new defences and abilities and Kaiju weaknesses.
  • Beautifully animated 2D graphics.
  • Huge variety of monsters, locations and characters.
  • Rescue civilians to unlock their ID cards.


Scouse Gamer 88

Overall, Kaiju Panic is the best indie game I have played this year. It’s charming, addictive, creative, and if a franchise will ever be born from this title, it certainly has a great deal of potential for the future. I highly recommend it.

James Slack Games

It’s incredibly fun to jump into with even the simple task of building up towers to see how effective they are when paired up having the power to compel further experimentation.The same too can be said for watching swathes of adorable Kaiju dropping like leaves in autumn.

Tom Pitts, Zavvi Blog

The main draw for me, was the game’s terrific animation and art style.

Oli Jacobs,

Jerry the Clown isn’t just another bundle of sprites, he’s Jerry the freaking Clown.