Neuralgia VR

Neuralgia VR is a co-op cyber punk game, the Operator guides the Runner in the simulated mind of a host to get the data and get out.

Neuralgia VR


In a world where information is the new currency and server hacks are an everyday event, the safest place to keep your secret information is in your own head. That is unless you've been mind hacked!

A technique for a 3rd party to enter the sleeping mind of a host to retrieve suppressed memories was originally developed to treat PTSD patients but was quickly banned for its ethical ramifications. However, memory manipulation and data mining is big business and there are large corporation that will pay a lot of money to get their rival's secrets and manipulate their CEOs.

Mind Divers are people who provide such a service. For a fee. Just remember the rules, never dive alone and never dive too deep.



A new way to play VR experiences in a social way and encourages communications by connecting both players to the same world while giving them different view point of the world.


Full game walkthrough apart from the last puzzle.

Art In VR

Here is a  blog post about how we did the game.