Never work with children or animals

We are back from EGX 2016!

We decided the launch Pierhead Arcade on the same day as EGX and this was without a doubt the busiest game conventions we've ever done. There was literally no down time between demo sessions and we even had to make a point of wiping down the headset and controllers extra slowly to make sure there was enough time to recharge the controllers between sessions.

The overall expo went really well except for a few technical issues (thanks Shen for replacing the faulty lighthouse!) and having to get the cleaners to our stand twice on the last day but more on that in a bit.

It was interesting that the majority of people at the expo still haven't tried VR yet. Hopefully now that the Oculus and Vive are in the high-street shops, the general public will have had more chances to demo the headsets at shops.

Once again people have been saying how they enjoyed our experience more than the big Sony stand demos which just goes to show that VR is best played standing and with hand controllers. Gamepads just don't cut it.

There was a big VR presence at the expo with Sony taking up a large chunk of the overall space and maybe 5 or 6 indie VR games on the floor as well. VR will only get bigger over time and more main stream when it gets cheaper.

We shared a stand with Creative England again but it was much smaller this time due to lack of funding *cough*brexit*cough* but it was great seeing familiar dev faces and the sense of camaraderie among the indie developers was as heart warming as usual.

We met a couple people who bought the game or said they'd buy the game when they got home (helped by the steam front page spotlight and launch discount). There were a few twitch streamers there but a sad lack of press for some reason. Maybe VR isn't mainstream enough? Next time we'll have to schedule more press interviews...

This year we had some beer-mats printed as well as some badges. Both proved to be hugely popular in the UK (not so much in Japan), one kid even game back 5 times so that he could collect one of each badge design! We also ran a small competition for the daily top score on basketball where we gave prizes away each day which proved to be quite popular.


The majority of players were no trouble at all, they'd listen to instructions and stayed within the chaperone bounds but there were a few that we had to watch. There was one kid who was really scared of the headset and couldn't even put it on. He came back the next day and we helped him through the demo one step at time. Another guy totally freaked out when he put on the headset and ran around screaming until we calmed him down and one guy punched my monitor (my personal monitor, we're not rich enough to rent expensive expo monitors) :(

We even had one kid wet themselves and another kid throw up near our stand on the same day. We had to call the cleaners over to mop up the mess twice and by the end we had a collection of wet floor markers. The queue was cleared when it happened but then we got the reputation as the game that makes you puke which some players thought was amusing (even though there's no movement in our game and the kid wasn't even playing it at the time). =0=

Overall a successful game expo then.