Razer showing off their OSVR to punters at CES using our game:image1



It's great how much people are loving ElementL. It might be due to it's simplicity and fluidity, people just get it once they figure out the basic controls. That and it feels great to be chucking fire balls from your own hands! We'll probably pick this back up after Kaiju Panic.


More details of the OSVR here:

Get the game here:

Leap Motion:

Found a couple videos of people playing ElementL on youtube.
They are all fantastic, I especially like the one with the mother playing, virtual reality can bring the older generation into games!
Thanks to all the people making recordings, always love watching people's reactions to my games :)

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Here's some screenshots from our Leap motion jam entry

Leap Motion VR Jam

Left and right hands hold different powers, use the opposite element against enemies for massive damage!

Combine both hands for a special attack.

ElementLHere are some floating skulls in a spooky bamboo forest.

ElementL entry: http://itch.io/jam/leapmotion3djam/rate/13511

Here's the rest of the entries: http://itch.io/jam/leapmotion3djam#entries