So on Sunday we went to MadLab Manchester to join in on the Ludum Dare game jam fun. This would be our first Ludum Dare!

Photo here: http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/2014/04/28/madlab-manchester/

We didn't start making anything till we got there and the theme was announced on Friday night but we thought about what we could do with the theme.

We tossed around some ideas, maybe a murder mystery with a supernatural monster. It quickly dawned on us that we'd need to aim smaller... small like a NanoDog!


NanoDog features a girl and her dog and a killer rampaging hug bot.


Nano dog has the power to shrink down in size to enter the robot and destroy it from within... also he has laser eyes!

We were really pressed for time and we were making changes right up till the last minute, the game was going to have more enemies, powerups and levels, shrinking down further between levels to get down deeper into the bot but we time ran out. The level randomises each time you play it.


You can play the game here:



We made it to the finals of the Oculus Rift / Indiecade VR Jam 2013 competition.

We didn't win sadly but we're still chuffed with what we managed to achieve in such a short time. Rest assured that we will be continuing development on Chicken Walk.

Before that we have a mobile game in development, stay tuned for more information on that.


VR Jam forum link:

Download for windows and mac: