So some people have been coming out that youtube are blocking adverts on videos of their games so I thought I'd also write something about my own experience.

A few weeks ago this video was rejected for monetisation:

I tried to explain to them that we made the game and that I own the development studio but they ignored that and permanently blocked adverts on that video. Funny thing is that's not even the only video I have of Chicken Walk on my channel and those other ones are fine.

Granted it's my personal youtube account and not a company branded one but it's difficult to argue with a bot. In fact the bot/3rd party had gone ahead and blocked the video even while I was in e-mail contact with youtube support.

But for the benefit of other youtubers wanting to make videos of Chicken Walk:

I, the rights owner of Chicken Walk the game, grant the right for anyone to record videos of the game and monetise those videos.


(I would appreciate a message if you do though, always love seeing other people's reactions to the game :) )